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Del Mar Dental Implants
Dr. Chan is proud to offer dental implants at his premier dentistry practice. Perhaps the most natural looking and permanent cosmetic dentistry procedure of all, dental implants, or tooth implants are comfortable, virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, and require very little upkeep once in place. They consist of a titanium post - which is inserted into the gums and left to heal - and an aesthetic crown, which is attached to the implant. Implants work best for patients with sufficient bone and gums, but in some cases, exceptions can be made.

The first step in receiving dental implants at Curtis Chan DDS in San Diego (Carmel Valley, Del Mar area) involves the placement of the titanium posts, which will serve as the new "root" that the tooth implants or crowns will attach to. Dr. Chan makes an incision in your gums to expose the jawbone. The titanium post dental implants are then anchored into the jawbone to form the base for your final, aesthetically pleasing, dental implants. Once all dental implant 'anchors' are placed, Dr. Chan closes the incisions and allows the new dental implants to integrate with your natural tissue.

It takes anywhere from three to six months for the bone to fully fuse to the titanium dental implants. Once this process is complete, the aesthetic tooth implants are placed onto the titanium roots. These tooth implants are natural looking, aesthetically pleasing and will last for years to come.
To find out if you are a candidate, contact our cosmetic dentistry office today!

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Cosmetic Dentures
No, dentures aren't just for little old ladies anymore, and they certainly don't have to be obvious! In fact, we offer a revolutionary alternative to the traditional, telltale dentures: cosmetic dentures. These comfortable tooth replacement options make chewing easier, and help maintain facial feature alignment (eliminating snagging), giving you a healthy, beautiful smile. No one even has to know you're wearing them! To learn more about cosmetic dentures, please contact us today.

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