Do You Need to Take Your One-Year-Old to a Pediatric Dentist?

Your one-year-old child is still very young. At this age, how important is it for them to see a pediatric dentist? The answer is it is important to consider. Proper dental care is necessary to reduce the risk of developing dental caries. Dental caries comes with very significant side effects such as pain, infection, and even life-threatening repercussions. According to the Pediatric Oral Health Research & Policy Center, there is strong clinical, theoretical, and scientific evidence that backs the benefits of early dental visits both improving your child’s health and derailing future dental costs that result from poor oral hygiene.

A study done by researchers at the National Center for Biotechnology Information reported that children who have caries in their primary teeth are at increased risk of having caries in their permanent teeth. Children with bad primary teeth are three times more likely for this to happen to them when their adult set of teeth come in. Early prevention and proper dental practices in your child’s first set of teeth will keep them healthy can carry through to when they have their permanent teeth. Because of this, healthy mouths are less prone to require corrective dental procedures which will save parents money.

What Are the Benefits of Establishing a Dental Relationship Early For Your Child?

It is very common for parents to begin the process of regular dental visits for their children once they hit age three or age four. The problem with this is two-fold. The first problem is that children who are unfamiliar with their dentist and having their mouths worked on could become skittish and scared during their first appointment. They will not have established the trust and familiarity with the dentist and the dental team to feel comfortable with these medical professionals working on them. Dental anxiety is something that can start young and continue into adulthood. Going to the dentist should be a positive experience. A friendly team should be there to give your child shiny white teeth.

The second, is that it is very common for children who have not had proper instruction to care for their teeth for the years leading up to their first visit at age four or five could have already developed serious tooth decay. Pediatric dentists often see toddlers who have many cavities which would otherwise not have occurred if there were early intervention and guidance given to the parents regarding appropriate teeth maintenance. Teeth maintenance not only includes regular cleaning but also wholesome nutrition such as the effects of fruit juice and snacks. Also, how allowing your child to go to sleep with a bottle leaves a film of sugar on their teeth that will begin to eat away at their enamel and the inner portion of their teeth.

Do You Need To Make An Appointment With A San Diego Pediatric Dentist?

Do You Need To Take Your One-Year-Old To A Pediatric DentistMaintaining your family’s oral health is an important part of staying healthy overall. If you have a one-year-old child or a child older than one, call Curtis L. Chan, DDS, a San Diego Pediatric Dentist. My California preventative care dental practice will work with your child and support your efforts keeping your child’s smile bright. Call the office of Curtis L. Chan, DDS., Del Mar family dentist at (858) 481-9090 to make an appointment. 

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