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Popular Foods that Stain Your Teeth

How Are Teeth Stained? Often, it’s nice to treat ourselves to our favorite foods and beverages. Smoothies, wines, pizza, curries, and candies are all things that we can enjoy to have every now and again, or for some people, every week. These treats are beloved for many reasons, though our teeth may not love them […]

What Makes Teeth Sensitive?

How Sensitive Teeth Can be Disruptive in Life We all enjoy a small treat every now and again. Ice cream, a nice hot coffee, a delicious cupcake; these are all small pleasures many of us like to partake in when we feel we deserve something nice. For many, though, these small pleasures turn into pain […]

Brushing Your Teeth Helps Fight Alzheimer’s, Study Finds

Health Benefits of Clean Teeth Clean teeth are an important part of our lives. Clean teeth allow us to keep our teeth longer, which makes our lives healthier and happier. Clean teeth also work to boost our confidence since white, healthy teeth help us have beautiful smiles. Clean teeth and good oral health have also […]

How Can a Tooth Die?

Our Teeth and Their Health Our teeth, like any part of our body, are a living piece of us, and as such, they must be cared for properly. We have to clean them, have then checked every now and again to ensure that they are doing well, and we have to make sure that we […]

Tooth Extractions: What are They?

How Does a Tooth Extraction Come About? The visits we make to our dentist are incredibly important. We should prioritize these visits and ensure we see our dentist as often as needed. Our dentist offers us a variety of services, all of which work to elevate our dental health, teach us how to keep our […]

How to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Why Children Should Brush Their Teeth One of the most consistent things a parent will tell their children at bedtime is to remember to brush their teeth. This, of course, will go ignored by many children, but it’s something that parents should enforce and ensure that their children to do. Oral health is something that […]

How Can I Stop My Teeth from Yellowing?

Why Do Our Teeth Yellow? Our teeth are a part of our body that take an immense amount of wear-and-tear damage. Our teeth are used to help us eat, to help us perform tasks such as opening packaging or tearing items, and they can be used to help defend us, should it be needed. We […]

The Symptoms and Treatments of TMJ

What is TMJ? All of us know just how terrible it is to discover pain or discomfort in our mouth or jaw region. Pains in these areas are notorious for being extremely irritating, for feeling worse than injuries to other places on our bodies, and for causing significant inconveniences to our days. For many cases, […]

Some Downside of Traditional Braces

Traditional vs. Clear Braces Braces have long been a choice for many people who wish to straighten their teeth and improve their dental health. This choice should be fairly simple to make, but today, consumers have many options when it comes to braces and the kinds they can have. Traditionally, braces consist of brackets and […]

The Benefits of Mouthwash

When Mouthwash Was Invented For most people, dental care has consisted of three things: brushing your teeth, flossing your teeth, and using mouthwash to clean your entire mouth. This process is seen in things like tv, movies, and commercials. It’s recommended in articles and magazine ads. It’s even told to us in the toothpaste aisle […]