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How to Handle Sensitive Teeth

If you routinely pass on a cup of hot cocoa or an ice-cold glass of lemonade because you already know they are going to make your teeth hurt, then the time has come for you to make an appointment with your dentist to discuss the likelihood that your teeth are sensitive. When you have sensitive […]

Pre-Dental Care for a Broken or Chipped Tooth

One day there you are, chewing a piece of ice or gnawing away on a piece of peanut brittle when you suddenly become aware of something solid in your mouth that is definitely not supposed to be there. You lean over the sink, spit, and see what it was: a broken bit of tooth. Even […]

Easy Tips To Maintain Healthy Teeth

A healthy, bright smile closes deals, makes social connections and increases confidence. Beautifully maintained teeth can make or break your entire appearance, which is why it is understandable that over 4 million Americans, 25% of them being adults, will wear braces to straighten out their smiles. It also explains the rise in patients asking their Del […]

Cleaning Your Toothbrush in Between Uses

You use your toothbrush on your teeth to dislodge food particles and bacteria from the inside of your mouth. Now that your teeth are clean, where are all of those food particles and bacteria? Your toothbrush. If you are concerned about the cleanliness of your toothbrush and questioning how you are supposed to keep it […]

Suggestions for Choosing a New Dentist

Trying to find a new dentist can seem like a time-consuming and unpleasant task. Regardless of whether you are trying to move on from a dentist who wasn’t meeting your needs, moving to a new area and need someone local, or looking for your very first dentist, there are many different things that need to […]

Diseases That Can Cause Tooth Decay

No part of your body operates completely independently of all other parts, and your teeth are no different. Tooth decay can be brought on by a lot more than just inadequate oral hygiene. Tooth decay is frequently an indication or symptom of a much bigger problem, possibly indicative of a more dangerous condition developing in […]

What Your Tongue is Telling You About Your Oral Health

Your tongue does a lot of different things for such a small part of your body. Oral exploration is primarily how babies learn about the world around them. You use your tongue to kiss and to speak. Your tongue is the reason that you are able to taste and swallow food. Your tongue can also […]

Dental Hygiene Habits That Can Improve Your Teeth

Caring for your teeth and gums is essential to not only your oral health but your overall physical health as well.  Just like any other part of your body, your mouth is full of many different types of bacteria, most of which are relatively benign. Your mouth, however, acts as the point of entry to […]

Oral Health Tips by Age Group

There are some things that are essential to your oral health at any stage of life. Brushing, flossing, good nutrition, making (and keeping) regular dental appointments, and using fluoride. All of these activities are important in maintaining good oral health and avoiding gum disease. It is recommended that you brush, at the very least, twice […]

What is a Grafting Procedure?

If your California dentist has suggested that you have a grafting procedure performed, you probably have a lot of questions about what exactly a grafting procedure is and why he thinks that you will benefit from having this procedure performed.  Listed below is some basic information on two common types of grafts, gum and bone, […]