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Easy Ways to Chip Your Teeth

What are Chipped Teeth? We all have our small enjoyments in life that aren’t necessarily the best for us. Some people love chewing on ice. Others can’t get through their day without their hard candies. Others enjoy eating their meats on the bone. Whatever your enjoyment, know that these sorts of activities can be incredibly […]

Foods as Bad as Candy for Your Teeth Health

Teeth Health in America An often unconsidered part of our health revolves around our teeth. Oral health is important to our overall health since poor oral health can cause us to suffer from issues like not receiving enough nutrition, having a buildup of plaque that can affect our circulatory system, and suffering from infections and […]

The Process of Filling Cavities

What is a Cavity? We’ve all been chastised by our parents at one point or another about eating so many sweets that we will give ourselves cavities. At a certain point, our parents were right. When we eat too many surgery or starchy foods without brushing or flossing our teeth, it can cause cavities to […]

What are Dental Implants?

Who Needs Tooth Implants? Our teeth serve many purposes in our lives, and they’re a part of our bodies we have to take care of so that they stay as healthy as they can for the rest of our lives. While many people think that taking care of our teeth just means brushing and flossing […]

The Process of a Dental Exam

What is a Dental Exam? The most common reason for the general public to see a dentist is to have a dental exam and cleaning performed. These tasks should be done at least once a year, but they are more effective if they are performed twice a year. Although everyone should see a dentist for […]

Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

White teeth have ceased to be a luxury only the rich and famous can afford. Teeth whitening products come in toothpastes, gels, lights, and treatments that you can have done professionally by a dentist. Having white teeth is something people seek for a number of reasons. White teeth look professional, they show that you have […]