Foods as Bad as Candy for Your Teeth Health

Teeth Health in America

An often unconsidered part of our health revolves around our teeth. Oral health is important to our overall health since poor oral health can cause us to suffer from issues like not receiving enough nutrition, having a buildup of plaque that can affect our circulatory system, and suffering from infections and other dental diseases. In short, the health of your mouth is important and should be taken seriously when considering your overall health.

In America, untreated tooth disease is an issue that affects many today. Roughly 19% of children who are ages 5 – 19 suffer from tooth disease, while adults who are 20 – 44 see roughly 32% suffering from tooth disease as well. These numbers are concerning because untreated health issues surrounding your mouth can turn into costly and lifelong problems, which many today won’t be able to pay for or treat for a variety of reasons. Some simple ways to help you avoid these issues include brushing and flossing your teeth daily, watching the foods you eat, and if possible, visiting a caring and knowledgeable dentist twice a year who can clean your teeth and help you with your oral care.

Foods That Are Damaging to Teeth

While many people know that sweets in excess are bad for teeth, there are other foods and treats that can actually be worse for your teeth. Some of these foods include:

Ice: Crunching on ice is something that many people enjoying doing, however, the crunch of hard foods like ice can cause tooth damage. Chipped and cracked teeth are painful and can cost a fair amount of money to fix, so it’s important to limit or completely avoid hard foods like ice.

Foods as Bad as Candy for Your Teeth HealthCitrus: Citrus is very acidic and can damage the enamel, or the protective outer layer, of your teeth. Too much citrus, even with daily brushing and flossing, can be damaging to teeth, so be sure to watch how much citrus you ingest.

Starches: While some might find this particular category surprising, starchy foods can actually be worse for your teeth compared to some sweets. This is because starchy foods can sit on and around your teeth longer, which can cause more damage like cavities. When eating starchy foods, plan to brush your teeth soon after to help remove the leftover food from around your teeth.

Alcohol: Alcohol is a dehydrating substance which, if used in excess, can cause your mouth to dry out. Dry mouths lead to tooth decay, so be sure to watch how much alcohol you intake and to drink water every day.

No matter what you eat and drink, make sure you take care of your oral health by watching what you eat and by brushing and flossing your teeth daily. By taking these small steps, you are able to greatly reduce your chances of tooth rot and decay and keep your mouth healthy.

Californian Dentist Here for You

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