Help! I Think I Need a Root Canal!!

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you might be in need of a root canal? A proper assessment of your dental hygiene is nearly impossible to conduct on your own. Your friendly dentist from Del Mar, Curtis L. Chan, DDS, will be able to effectively determine if you need a root canal, fill you in on exactly what a root canal is, and why you do or do not need one.

What Is a Root Canal?Help! I Think I Need a Root Canal!!

Root canals are a dental procedure that is used in an effort to circumvent having to extract an entire tooth. The decaying and diseased portions of your tooth need to be removed. When they become infected, they can negatively affect the stability and structure of your tooth. A root canal is an attempt to stop that from happening by removing all of the infected portions, thereby stopping the spreading of infection from the diseased tooth to those surrounding it.

How Do I Know If I Need a Root Canal?

If you have a  tooth that is decaying or has been cracked, it can cause the pulp contained within the tooth to become exposed. The pulp is located in the very middle of your tooth and is comprised of soft tissues, blood vessels, and nerve endings. When your tooth undergoes any kind of trauma, bacteria are able to reach the pulp. This could pave the way for a severe and painful infection. If your Del Mar dentist determines this to be the case, then you will require a root canal. 

Pulpotomy vs. Pulpectomy

Root canals come in two different varieties: pulpotomies and pulpectomies.

Pulpectomies take out the infected portion of the problem tooth. Once the procedure is complete, the tooth is typically capped off with a dental crown. This ensures that your tooth is still strong and useable

Pulpotomies eliminate the infection from only the crown of your tooth. A tooth is often slightly more durable when only a pulpotomy is done. If your dentist thinks your tooth is still weak once the procedure is complete, then a dental crown will be applied.

How Badly Will My Root Canal Hurt?

At the dental offices of Curtis L. Chan, DDS, we always strive to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible for the duration of your root canal. If you are extremely anxious, sedation can be provided. A root canal does require the use of a dental drill, which emits a sound that sometimes increases a patient’s anxiety

Your teeth have to be properly maintained if you want to keep your smile both beautiful and functional. The restorative dentistry treatments offered by Curtis L. Chan, DDS will help you establish the optimal oral health care routine you need to make sure your teeth remain healthy and strong. For more information on restorative dentistry and your oral health, contact our Del Mar dental office at (858) 481-9090 to schedule an appointment.

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