Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

White teeth have ceased to be a luxury only the rich and famous can afford. Teeth whitening products come in tubes of toothpaste, gels, lights, and treatments that you can have done professionally by a dentist. Having white teeth is something people seek for a number of reasons. White teeth look professional, they show that you have a healthy mouth and body, they help to beautify your smile, and they can help boost your confidence.

Should You Whiten Your Teeth?Seeking whiter teeth is something many people do today, and it’s something that most people can now afford. While some choose to whiten their teeth themselves, others wish to go to a professional local dentist to make sure their teeth whitening is done right and looks both beautiful and natural. When it’s time for you to whiten your teeth, the professional and caring teeth whitening dentists at Curtis Chan L Chan DDS can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. 

Who Should See a Dentist Before Whitening Their Teeth

Many people want to whiten their smile, but like most procedures that alter your appearance, you may want to consult a trained professional before pursuing a treatment option. However, teeth whitening procedures don’t affect everyone the same way and some people who will need to consult a dentist about their procedure. These people include:

People Who Have Cavities: When you have a cavity, the inner structures of your teeth are exposed. Since most whitening treatments are a gel treatment, the gel can penetrate the inside of your tooth, causing irritation and pain. If the nerve is nearly or fully exposed, this can cause significant pain as well. Before you begin whitening treatments, your local Del Mar dentist should thoroughly look at your teeth to fill in any cavities and prevent potential sources of discomfort.

Those With Receding Gumlines: Receding gums can show the roots of your teeth which may appear yellow or discolored. These roots will not respond to whitening treatments, which can make your teeth look odd with only part of them being whitened. Additionally, receding gums are a serious issue that should be addressed by your dentist before you whiten your teeth to see if you can reverse the receding to protect your overall dental health.

Whitening your teeth with receding gums also poses the risk of hurting your gums, which can cause them to not only recede further but also prevent them from ever returning to their original state.

Those with Sensitive Teeth: If you already have sensitive teeth, whitening treatments can cause severe pain that could last long periods of time. If you suffer from sensitive tooth issues, you should consult your doctor before going forward with any treatment. 

Del Mar Dentist for Your Whitening Needs

At the San Diego dental offices of Curtis L. Chan, D.S.S., we can help you achieve the white teeth you’ve always wanted with our safe and effective treatment. In our office, we provide all you need to have a calm and relaxing appointment and leave with a beautiful new smile that you will love. Call us today to schedule your consultation at (858) – 481 – 9090.

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