The History and Importance of the Toothbrush

Del Mar Dentist Discusses Your Toothbrush

A staple in many American bathrooms is a simple and helpful toothbrush. These oral cleaners are seen in bathrooms in television, movies, pictures from and of celebrities, millions of homes, and so much more. These little brushes work hard to keep our mouths clean, and without their help, our oral health could suffer greatly and cause us to need significant surgeries to keep our health up to par.

How the Toothbrush Came to Be

The toothbrush has many iterations, with the earliest version that looks like the brushes we have today being invented in 1498 in China. These toothbrushes had boar hair bristles with a bone or bamboo handle to hold. These brushes were specially made until 1780 when William The History and Importance of the ToothbrushAddis began mass producing them. Now, everyone had the ability to better their oral health and allow them to take care of themselves and their teeth in one of the best ways possible.

The Best Tool For Teeth and Gums

Toothbrushes are important for us to use every day, and they’re a tool every dentist across the world will recommend you use every day. By using toothbrushes, you are able to better your tooth and gum health and maintain a healthier mouth than if you decided to not brush your teeth at all. As always, these small steps, along with seeing a caring and helpful dentist, will help you achieve a healthy and happy smile your entire life.

Why the Toothbrush is Important for Our Health

Toothbrushes are available at most major grocery, convenience, and pharmacy stores. Major brands like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and CVS should carry toothbrushes and other oral health tools. Their ease of access makes owning and replacing them convenient, and it allows people to switch between brands and types of toothbrushes to be able to find the one that they like the most. Having a toothbrush that works with you and feels the most comfortable is important, so be sure to switch around until you find the one that works for you.

Having a toothbrush that is comfortable and easy for you to use is important as it will make the few minutes you spend every day brushing your teeth easier and better. Brushing our teeth allows us to fight gum disease, cavities, and other oral health conditions that will cause us to lose our teeth and suffer other health issues like heart disease. By brushing our teeth, we can improve our oral health and our overall health, which means longer and happier lives for all that do the simple act of brushing their teeth.

The Dentist to Care for Your Teeth

At the Del Mar, California dental office of Curtis L. Chan, DDS, we are able to not only help you improve and encourage your toothbrush techniques and habits at home, but we can help you keep your teeth as healthy as possible with routine cleanings and oral health checkups. We are skilled in helping you to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible, and we are ready to help you get to and maintain the health goals you have for your mouth.

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