What Floss is Best, According to Dentists?

Why Floss?

We’ve all experienced it before: we’re eating, talking with friends and family, enjoying ourselves when a piece of food lodges itself between our teeth. While many instances of this can be remedied by simply using a toothpick, in some instances we may need to floss.

For some people, this is the only time they will floss. For others, flossing is a daily ritual that must always be completed. Flossing is incredibly important for our oral health, and without it, we can expect to see rapidly decreasing tooth and gum health over time, compared to those who do floss. When we floss, we remove bacteria and food which can end up hardening to our teeth, causing cavities to occur and allowing our teeth to become damaged. To avoid this, regular flossing, brushing, and seeing your dentist will greatly decrease your chances of poor dental health.

Since we have to floss, we should seek out the best floss. Surprisingly, there are a plethora of floss types for our use. Choosing the best floss is a personal matter, and it’s one that everyone should research for their own oral health.

What Floss is Best to Buy?

What Floss is Best According to DentistsWhile there are many different brands and different types of floss around, it’s obvious that some will be better for your teeth and gums than others. While dentists will always recommend a brand designed or produced by those who work in dentistry, versus those who are just wanting to make a profit. There are some aspects of your floss that can be more beneficial to your dental health.

Many dentists will recommend looking into a textured floss, which will help to remove plaque and food particles better than simple, straight floss. They will also want you to keep in mind the health of your gums so that you can have healthier teeth as well. Some floss brands come with a coating of coconut oil, which is not only antimicrobial but also feels good and is soothing for gum tissue. This aspect can help to ensure your gums are less irritated after flossing, and that you feel better when you floss as well.

If you have teeth that are close together, you may have experienced the “shredding” effect when you floss. To avoid this, dentists recommend you seek a floss with a wax coating that allows it to slide between your teeth easier and more efficiently. The wax will also allow the floss to hold together better. Finally, if you have a hard time using traditional string floss, look for floss that has a handle. Many people find this type of floss to be more effective for their flossing needs, and it allows them to have an easier time flossing, which is the most beneficial overall.

Del Mar, California Dentist Here for Your Needs

Flossing is incredibly important, and it’s something your teeth and mouth will thank you for later in life. Still, even with flossing and brushing, our teeth will still need extra help to be as healthy as possible, so it’s important that you seek the help that you’ll need to keep your teeth and gums in the best shape possible. When you need a professional to help you with your dental health needs, contact the team at the Del Mar, California office of Curtis L. Chan, D.D.S. Our team is ready and happy to help you with your dental needs, and we are ready to help you achieve the healthy mouth you’ve always wanted. Call our San Diego, California office today to see how we can help you with your oral health needs at (858) 481–9090.

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