What is Plaque and How Dangerous is it?

What is the Plaque in Our Mouths?

Our teeth go through a lot when it comes to dealing with substances that can hurt them. Candy, sweet and fizzy drinks, starchy foods, chewy substances, and hard foods can all cause tooth breakage and decay, which can lead to later issues with tooth health. Of all the dangers that our teeth face every day, though, one of the most destructive forces they must deal with is something that is found in every person’s mouth: plaque.

Plaque is a combination of bacteria and sugars that form a film over our teeth, which will stick and stay there unless removed by a toothbrush. This substance is found in the mouths of every person on the planet, though some people have more plaque issues than others. Luckily, getting rid of plaque is easy, but many people do not follow through with the steps necessary to get rid of this substance, and that will cause issues with their teeth and gums, both immediately and later in life. Plaque may seem simple and innocent, but it’s a problem that is bigger than people may realize; a problem that a skilled Del Mar dentist may have to help you with as you figure out the best way to deal with this constant issue to keep your mouth healthy and happy.

How Can Plaque be Bad for Our Teeth?

Plaque may seem like a simple and harmless issue, but it’s actually quite dangerous. Plaque is the most common cause of cavities and gum disease, both of which can cause significant issues for someone as they age and seek to have good overall health. Aside from these concerns, plaque also can cause issues as it hardens and turns to tartar, which is a hard substance that can cause receding What is Plaque and How Dangerous is it?gums and further cavities. Tartar is something that cannot be taken care of by you but instead must be treated at a dentist’s office with special tools. These tools must be used by someone with the proper training, so seeing a dentist is key.

To prevent tartar, be sure to brush and floss daily. Using an electric toothbrush has been proven to help remove excess plaque, and be sure to use a toothpaste that says it’s made for tartar control. Using mouthwash can also help to remove plaque and cause it to not come back as quickly, which will help with your management of it later on. Cut excess sugar and starch from your diet to help with overall plaque and brush extremely well after consuming large amounts of these foods. Most importantly, see a dentist twice a year to have any excess tartar removed and to have your teeth cleaned and inspected. These simple steps can help you keep your teeth and gums healthy, and they will help you to not have excess issues with plaque and tartar in the future.

The Dentist You Need to Protect Your Teeth

Seeing a dentist is important to keep your plaque and tartar issues in check, and when you need to find a good dentist to help you with these issues, be sure to go to the Del Mar, CA dental office of Curtis L. Chan, D.D.S. and his team are ready to help you with your oral health needs, and they are excited about having you come in to start or continue your tooth and gum care with them. Call to schedule an appointment at the San Diego office today at (858) 481-9090.



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