What Kind of Equipment Does My Dentist Use? 

Your Del Mar dentist has a lot of different tools that they use when you go for a routine dental appointment. A lot of these instruments look intimidating but each one serves a very specific purpose and helps your dental professional take the best care possible of you and your family’s oral health. 

Listed below is a list of some commonly used dental tools and what they do.

Mouth Mirror

What Kind of Equipment Does My Dentist Use? 

This tiny hand-held mirror is something you will probably see during every dental appointment you attend. Your dentist has to get a full view of your mouth. This includes the backs of all your teeth. This little mirror allows them to see the inside of your mouth from every angle, including angles they might otherwise miss, and helps them find any budding dental issues with ease.

Dental Probe

There are many different kinds of probes. Even though they might look frightening, they serve a very useful purpose. A dental probe helps your dental professional examine your entire mouth and ensure that everything is good shape. A sickle probe helps your dentist to find any newly formed cavities and other dental health problems. A periodontal probe enables your dentist to measure your periodontal pockets and locate other oral issues, like receding gums.


Your teeth, while extremely hard on the outside, are very soft and sensitive at their core, underneath their hard layer of enamel. For your dentist to be able to make sure that you are not in any pain during certain dental procedures, they will apply a local anesthetic that will numb your entire mouth. 

Dental Drill

Possibly the most feared piece of dental equipment, the dental drill is designed to eliminate any decay connected to your tooth before your cavity is filled in. Sometimes, however, the dental drill is used for smoothing and polishing the affected tooth after the procedure is finished. The dental drill will cause an unusual vibrating feeling throughout your mouth while your dentist gets rid of your cavities, but this is perfectly normal and is no cause for alarm.

Spoon Excavator

Once in a while, the substance inside of a cavity has turned soft and mushy and a dental drill is not needed in order to remove it. In that case, a spoon excavator would then be used to dig the soft decay out from the tooth’s inside.

Suction Device

Throughout almost all dental procedures, debris and saliva accumulate in your mouth, and this can make it very hard for your dentist to do their job properly. These little hoses with vacuum suction can be used to suck saliva or any other obstructions out of your mouth, allowing the dentist to see your mouth clearly and work diligently. 

Your teeth have to be properly maintained if you want to keep your smile both beautiful and functional. The routine and cosmetic dentistry treatments offered by Curtis L. Chan, DDS will help you obtain the beautiful smile you have always wanted and make certain that your teeth remain strong and your mouth stays healthy. 

For more information on procedures frequently used in cosmetic dentistry and your overall oral health, contact our Del Mar dental office at (858) 481-9090 to schedule an appointment.



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