Dental Hygiene Habits That Can Improve Your Teeth

Caring for your teeth and gums is essential to not only your oral health but your overall physical health as well. 

Just like any other part of your body, your mouth is full of many different types of bacteria, most of which are relatively benign. Your mouth, however, acts as the point of entry to your respiratory and digestive tracts and, in the right conditions, a few of these ever-present bacteria are capable of causing disease.

Ordinarily, your body’s immune system and being mindful of your oral health by doing things such as brushing your teeth every day as well as flossing regularly, are enough to control the bacteria. In the absence of sufficient oral hygiene, however, these bacteria are able to grow to numbers that could cause oral infections, like gum disease and tooth decay.

You can help ensure your bright smile, your strong teeth, and overall physical health by following the oral healthcare suggestions listed below.

Brush Your Teeth and Floss at Least Two Times a Day

Dental Hygiene Habits That Can Improve Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth once a day is passable but brushing twice a day is the recommended amount. The ideal time to brush your teeth is immediately after you eat. Dentists also recommend that you floss every time you brush. 

Make Sure You Drink Plenty of Water

Water is essential for your general physical health. Where your teeth are concerned, it stimulates the production of saliva which is vital for healthy teeth. Water is also healthier for you and your teeth than any soda or other sugary drinks. Eventually, the bacteria normally found on the surface of your teeth utilize those sugars to build plaque, which then leads to teeth decay.

Limit Your Consumption of Sugary Foods

You should not just avoid sodas and sugary beverages, but you should also limit sugar in the food you eat. If you do enjoy a sugary treat from time to time as most of us do, be sure to brush your teeth directly afterward to avoid plaque buildup that can lead to tooth decay.

Get Plenty of Calcium and Vitamin D Every Day

Calcium is a necessary building block for strong bones, including your teeth. Nuts and dairy products are excellent sources of calcium that are easy to get on a regular basis. In order for your body to be able to absorb calcium, however, your body will also require Vitamin D, which you can get plenty of by spending a few minutes outside in the sunshine every day.

Your teeth have to be properly maintained if you want to keep your smile both beautiful and functional. The cosmetic dentistry treatments offered by Curtis L. Chan, DDS will help you obtain the beautiful smile you have always wanted and ensure that your teeth remain strong and your mouth stays healthy. 

For more information on procedures frequently used in cosmetic dentistry and your overall oral health, contact our Del Mar dental office at (858) 481-9090 to schedule an appointment.


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