Oral Health Tips by Age Group

There are some things that are essential to your oral health at any stage of life. Brushing, flossing, good nutrition, making (and keeping) regular dental appointments, and using fluoride. All of these activities are important in maintaining good oral health and avoiding gum disease. It is recommended that you brush, at the very least, twice a day, but after every meal would be the most advantageous to protecting your oral health and beautiful smile. 

Food choices are important in your oral health. Choices such as alcohol, tobacco, and too much sugar can negatively affect the quality of your smile. Coffee, tea, and juices have the ability to stain your teeth. You may not see it right away, but as time passes, it will become more and more noticeable.

Your oral hygiene routine, however, requires individual attention during each new phase of aging. 


Oral Health Tips by Age Group

  • Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is a side effect of too much sugar in your baby’s liquids. Only put formula or breast milk in your baby’s bottle. Never put soda or juice in a bottle and never let them go to sleep with their bottle in their mouth.
  • Wash your baby’s gums using a clean, wet towel every day.
  • Teething starts when they are between 3 and 9 months old. Teeth always appear in the same order: lower 2 front incisors; upper 2 front incisors and 2 lower incisors; first set of molars; canines; then second molars.
  • Pacifiers and thumb sucking both have their purposes but will enhance your baby’s risk of jaw misalignment, tooth decay, and an improper bite.


  • Starting at three years of age, fluoride toothpaste is a necessary and safe part of your child’s oral health.
  • Children should see their dentist at least two times a year.
  • Having a Tooth Fairy tradition is a fun way to celebrate your little one’s growth as they lose their baby teeth and their adult teeth grow in.
  • Sealants are very useful when it comes to preventing cavities.
  • It is crucial that your children use mouthguards when participating in sports.


  • Understand that coffee, sugar, nicotine, and red wine all speed up tooth decay and increase your chances for stained teeth.
  • Gum disease occurs frequently in adults and could cause a lot of difficulties in your overall health.


  • A lot of states have senior benefits that help with dental care.
  • Oral cancer can become a problem at this stage of life.
  • Dry mouth, usually the side effect of many prescriptions, is quite common and might speed up the process of tooth decay and gum disease.

Your teeth have to be properly maintained if you want to keep your smile both beautiful and functional. The cosmetic dentistry treatments offered by Curtis L. Chan, DDS in their Del Mar office will help you obtain and maintain the beautiful smile you have always wanted and provide the tools to keep your teeth strong and your mouth healthy. 

For more information on procedures frequently used in cosmetic dentistry and your overall oral health, contact our  San Diego, California offices in Del Mar at (858) 481-9090 to schedule an appointment.

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