How Can a Tooth Die?

Our Teeth and Their Health

Our teeth, like any part of our body, are a living piece of us, and as such, they must be cared for properly. We have to clean them, have them checked every now and again to ensure that they are doing well, and we have to make sure that we treat any teeth that aren’t healthy to ensure that all our teeth remain healthy and well. Teeth, for the most part, don’t require too much to be healthy, but once they are unhealthy, they will require extra care and attention to get them healthy again.

When our teeth suffer from an infection or other trauma, they can end up dying, which is something that will need to be addressed quickly by a dentist. Dead teeth can cause a number of negative things to occur to a patient, such as pain and discomfort, so seeing a dentist for this issue is important. Tooth health and overall mouth health can be negatively impacted by dead teeth, so if you think your tooth might be dead, you should seek help as quickly as you can.

Dead teeth are an unfortunate part of life, so if you think you may be suffering from a dead tooth, call your dentist to see if you can be seen quickly to ensure your mouth will be taken care of.

What Causes a Tooth to Die?

When you have a tooth that has died, it simply means that the tooth has lost blood flow, and the tissue in and around the tooth is now unable to live. Dying teeth can happen for two reasons:

How Can a Tooth Die?Decaying teeth: Tooth decay happens when we allow issues like cavities or gum disease to run rampant without being treated. When we don’t fix our tooth ailments, it can cause the tooth to become more and more infected, which will end with the tooth eventually becoming “sick.” This can cause the blood flow to that tooth to slow or stop, effectively killing the tooth.

Tooth trauma: When our teeth experience outside trauma, our teeth can easily become harmed. Falling and hitting your mouth on something, biting down on something too hard, or being hit in the mouth are all ways our teeth can become injured, which can cause our teeth to lose their blood supply. This, of course, will cause the tooth to die.

Remember: having a tooth die is not the end of the world. Seeing a dentist will get you back to having a healthy mouth, and there are many options today to help you cosmetically after you have a tooth pulled.

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