Brushing Your Teeth Helps Fight Alzheimer’s, Study Finds

Health Benefits of Clean Teeth

Clean teeth are an important part of our lives. Clean teeth allow us to keep our teeth longer, which makes our lives healthier and happier. Clean teeth also work to boost our confidence since white, healthy teeth help us have beautiful smiles. Clean teeth and good oral health have also been proven to better our overall health as well, and recently, this claim has only become more accurate than ever.

Recently, a study was performed that found an amazing correlation between our oral health and our mental health, which can help with mental diseases that plague many people today. This study is important not only for people living today, but for future generations as well, and it helps to highlight the importance of keeping your mouth healthy and clean.

Establishing good brushing habits can be difficult, and so if you are someone who wishes to improve their oral health and learn how to best keep their mouth healthy, it’s important to visit a dentist often to ensure that you can learn these habits and keep your mouth healthy in top shape.

How Clean Teeth Can Fight Alzheimer’s

As stated before, a study was recently performed that has found a correlation between bacteria in our mouths and Alzheimer’s. This study, which was performed by a team of researchers in Norway, found that the bacteria associated with gum diseases such as gingivitis has the ability to move from our mouths to our brains. Once the bacteria have reached our brains, they produce a protein that destroys nerve cells in the brain which causes memory loss and, eventually, Alzheimer’s.

If you are interested in reading the published research article, you can find it here.

Brushing Your Teeth Helps Fight Alzheimer’s, Study FindsNow, it is important to note that this study says that these bacteria do not cause Alzheimer’s, but rather they increase the risk of a patient developing Alzheimer’s within their lifetime. These bacteria can also cause Alzheimer’s to progress more rapidly, which is important to note as well. Researchers have already been able to take this information and develop a new medicine which might be used to block the effects of the bacteria on the brain, which they hope to begin tests for soon. This discovery is, of course, wonderful news for those who are suffering from or have loved ones suffering from this disease, and it greatly highlights the importance of overall health in our body.

Researchers did say that, with this new discovery, it’s important to “brush your teeth and use floss” to help slow Alzheimer’s, and that it’s important for anyone who has a link with Alzheimer’s and gingivitis to get cleanings regularly at a dentist to help with this issue. Hopefully, this study can help us learn more about the terrible disease that is Alzheimer’s and encourage people to brush and floss regularly to help their overall health.

California Dentist Ready to Help You and Your Oral Health

More than ever, taking care of our teeth and oral health is incredibly important. When we are able to care for our oral health, we can care for our bodies as a whole. To help you do this, getting your teeth regularly checked and worked on is important, so be sure to visit a dentist who cares about you. At the Del Mar, California dental offices of Curtis L. Chan, D.D.S., we can provide you the dental care you need while also helping you establish the good dental practices you’ll need to keep your oral health up. Call our San Diego, California office today to schedule your appointment at (858) 481-9090.

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