How Can I Stop My Teeth from Yellowing?

Why Do Our Teeth Yellow?

Our teeth are a part of our body that takes an immense amount of wear-and-tear damage. Our teeth are used to help us eat, to help us perform tasks such as opening packaging or tearing items, and they can be used to help defend us, should it be needed. We use our teeth every day, which causes them to be consistently worn down, which will lead to issues like yellow teeth.

Our teeth are made up of layers, with the top layer being made up of enamel. As we age or eat foods that wear our teeth down quickly, our enamel is stripped away, revealing more and more dentin underneath. Dentin is naturally more yellow compared to our enamel, which is one of the reasons our teeth yellow more as we age. Another reason we have teeth that turn yellow are surface stains that occur due to the foods and drinks we consume. These processes are natural, but they still can be frustrating when all we want is a white smile.

While we cannot stop our teeth from aging, we can help to slow their aging and staining by taking certain steps that help to keep our teeth whiter naturally. Additionally, where these methods fall short, we can always visit our dentist to have full cleanings performed and help keep our teeth stain-free and healthy!

How to Keep Your Teeth as White as Possible

How Can I Stop My Teeth from Yellowing?While we eat and drink things that cause our teeth to yellow, there are steps we can take to ensure our teeth can still stay as white as possible. Dentists recommend that to keep our teeth white and healthy, we should:

Swish water after eating and drinking: After consuming acidic foods or staining drinks such as fruits or coffee, our teeth are at risk of staining or yellowing. To reduce this risk, simply swish some water in your mouth once you are done with your meal. This will help remove any leftover acids and particles, which will help keep your teeth healthy and white.

Ensure you don’t have dry mouth after eating: Saliva is a wonderful fighter of acids and particles in our mouths. After you eat, help yourself by making sure your mouth is full of saliva so that you can naturally fight off the things that yellow your teeth over time.

Brush your teeth after meals: One of the best ways to ensure your teeth stay white is to brush them regularly. While it is not always possible to brush your teeth after every meal, try to brush them at least twice a day, which will help to ensure that they stay as healthy and white as they can.

California Dentist Here to Help You

While you strive to keep your teeth white and healthy, be sure to talk with a dentist who wants the same things for you. At the Del Mar, California dental office of Curtis L. Chan, D.D.S., we can help you achieve your goals of having a healthy and white smile by providing you the cleanings and check-ups you need to ensure your teeth are at their healthiest. Call our San Diego, California office today to see how we might be able to help and care for you at (858) 481-9090.

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