How Soda Destroys Teeth

America’s Favorite Sugary Drink

At parties and celebrations, in refrigerators and pantries, in cans and bottles, Americans love to have their fizzy sodas on hand. In today’s world, soda is available everywhere, from fast food places to upscale restaurants and in nearly every grocery store and gas station. This drink in general has an interesting history, with some brands having dangerous drugs as an ingredient in their original recipes and others being used as medicine, which makes them all the more enjoyable to drink. For some, this drink is only for certain occasions, while for others, soda is consumed as if it were water, which is where a big problem begins.

Soda is notorious for being terrible for your health in multiple ways. The sugar in soda is known to contribute to weight gain and higher blood sugar levels. The acids in sodas are known to attribute to issues that cause acidic environments in your body, which can cause significant harm down the road. Most notoriously, soda contributes to tooth decay, which is something that is hard to stop or reverse once it starts. To drink soda on occasion is not a terrible thing, but when you drink soda every day multiple times a day, your tooth decay rate becomes more concerning, and it’s something that can end up affecting you for the rest of your life if you’re not careful.

Tooth decay is a serious issue. If you are suffering from tooth decay due to drinks like soda, go see your dentist to see what they may be able to do for you and your tooth health.

How Soda Works to Destroy Your Teeth

How Soda Destroys TeethSoda, as stated before, is a substance that can seriously damage your teeth if it is consumed regularly. Soda affects teeth in two specific ways: it erodes teeth, and it contributes to higher numbers of cavities. Tooth enamel is eroded due to the acids in soda, which can cause your teeth to become “soft” and not be able to fight against cavities and other issues as well. Soda also affects the dentin layer of teeth, which can make it easier for cavities to occur and damage your teeth to the point of needed dental assistance. When you drink soda consistently, these issues increase in frequency, which means you can expect to have lots of trips to the dentist over your lifetime.

To cut down on the damage your teeth experience due to soda consumptions, consider cutting back on your soda intake, use a straw to keep the soda away from your teeth, wash your mouth out right after drinking a soda, and avoid soda before bed. These small steps can help your teeth stay healthy over time and allow for your dental health to be as good as possible.

Del Mar, California Dentist to Repair Your Teeth

When your teeth need the time and attention of a dentist, be sure to visit a dentist who will take the time to know you personally. At the Del Mar, California dental offices of Curtis L. Chan, D.D.S., we can provide you the necessary dental services you require to have a healthy mouth and a great smile. Call our San Diego, California office today to set up an appointment with us at (858)  481-9090.

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