The Pros and Cons of Water Flossing Vs. Traditional Flossing

Why Flossing is Important

It’s the question many of us dread when we go to the dentist: Have you been keeping up on your flossing? For many people, flossing in an infrequent habit that is difficult to keep up. It’s an extra step that many people don’t wish to take; it can be difficult at times to floss; especially for those with crowded mouths; and flossing is often seen as a waste of time. Most people believe that flossing is simply over the top since they brush their teeth twice a day and use mouthwash. For many, flossing isn’t a question of when it will happen, but rather why it should happen.

Flossing, believe it or not, is quite important for many reasons. It helps eliminate plaque, stops gum disease from happening, and allows for teeth that are free of cavities. True, brushing is the most important thing we can do for our oral health, but it’s not as effective if we do not floss as well as brush our teeth. A lucky note for flossing is that it’s come a far way over the years. Today, we have more options for flossing available than just the traditional string floss, with water picks being one of the newest and most popular flossing products to invest in.

Like anything, these methods all have their pros and cons, all of which consumers will need to review and weigh before choosing the option that is not only best for them but will allow them to keep their flossing consistent so that they will no longer fear being asked about their flossing habits the next time they visit their dentist.

The Benefits and Shortcomings of Water Flossing Vs. Traditional Flossing

Flossing has a number of benefits, meaning that it should be something that everyone does to improve their oral health. Methods for flossing has improved over time, including the devices we use to floss our teeth. For many, traditional flossing is still the way to go, but for others, using a water flossing system is better for them.

Traditional flossing has the specific benefit of being the only form of flossing that removes the most plaque and food particles compared to other forms of flossing. Compared to water flossing, traditional flossing is more affordable and easier to find as flossing materials are found in most pharmacy and grocery stores. Traditional flossing can also be done anywhere at any time, which isThe Pros and Cons of Water Flossing Vs. Traditional Flossing convenient for many people. Traditional flossing, while it does have many benefits, does have some negatives. Traditional flossing can be difficult for some people who have small mouths and therefore have crowded teeth. Traditional flossing also can cause bleeding and can be irritating to sensitive gums, which can be factors for some to switch to an alternative flossing technique.

Water flossing is a newer form of flossing, and it’s one that many people are starting to partake in. Water flossing makes flossing easier for those with close teeth and those with braces, allowing for these individuals with these issues to floss with ease. Many water flossing machines also have settings that allow gums to be massaged, which can help improve gum health.

For these reasons, many people have turned to water flossing, as they feel it’s better for them over traditional flossing. As with traditional flossing, though, water flossing has its negatives as well. Water flossing machines can be fairly expensive, and they can only work where there is electricity and fresh water. They can also be hard to transport, so taking them to places outside of the home to use can be difficult. For these reasons, some people have not chosen to buy a water flossing system, though many others feel that the pros for these systems out way the cons.

No matter how you floss, be sure that you floss at least once a day, as this simple task can greatly improve your oral health and allow for you to have better check-ups over time.

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