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What is Calculus?

What is Calculus Made of? Our mouths are filled with many things. Indeed, they’re filled with teeth and gums and our tongue and such, but they are also filled with bacteria that form into other substances, depending on certain factors. Plaque is one of the substances found in our mouths that form due to bacteria, […]

How to Protect Your Teeth from Fruit

One of the Main Food Groups A healthy diet consists of eating from what nutritionists call the “food groups,” namely: proteins, grains, vegetables, and fruits. All of these foods are good and necessary for us to live a healthy life, and without even one of these groups, we can end up suffering from a lack […]

Popular Foods that Stain Your Teeth

How Are Teeth Stained? Often, it’s nice to treat ourselves to our favorite foods and beverages. Smoothies, wines, pizza, curries, and candies are all things that we can enjoy to have every now and again, or for some people, every week. These treats are beloved for many reasons, though our teeth may not love them […]

Tooth Extractions: What are They?

How Does a Tooth Extraction Come About? The visits we make to our dentist are incredibly important. We should prioritize these visits and ensure we see our dentist as often as needed. Our dentist offers us a variety of services, all of which work to elevate our dental health, teach us how to keep our […]

The Symptoms and Treatments of TMJ

What is TMJ? All of us know just how terrible it is to discover pain or discomfort in our mouth or jaw region. Pains in these areas are notorious for being extremely irritating, for feeling worse than injuries to other places on our bodies, and for causing significant inconveniences to our days. For many cases, […]

The Pros and Cons of Water Flossing Vs. Traditional Flossing

Why Flossing is Important It’s the question many of us dread when we go to the dentist: Have you been keeping up on your flossing? For many people, flossing in an infrequent habit that is difficult to keep up. It’s an extra step that many people don’t wish to take; it can be difficult at […]