What is the Purpose of Tooth Shaving?

What is Tooth Shaving?

When it comes to the dental practices that we can have performed on our teeth, some seemingly make more sense than others. Having cavities filled, dead teeth removed, teeth whitened, and teeth straightened are all dental practices that have important reasonings behind them. These are used to better our dental and oral health, they are used to keep our smile looking professional and healthy, and they are used to better our overall health. These are all typical practices that we are all aware of. However, there are some practices that dentists use that are sometimes confusing to us, and it can leave us with more questions than what we know to do with.

About Professional Teeth Shaving in Del Mar, CA

Tooth shaving can be one of those practices. Tooth shaving is just how it sounds: your dentist will take a tool and shave down part of a tooth or will shave down parts of many teeth. For many, this technique seems to be more confusing than not, as having our teeth shaved just doesn’t seem to make any logical sense. This seems quite odd, yes, but this practice is actually quite common for many reasons, all of which look to improve the dental health and life of the person in need of the service.

Why do Some People Have Their Teeth Shaved?

Tooth shaving is performed by dentists for many reasons, all of which serve an important roll in the life of the person having the service provided. Some of the reasons used for this procedure include:

What is the Purpose of Tooth Shaving?Reshaping teeth: Sometimes, our teeth need to be reshaped. We can end up with a tooth that has been chipped or damaged that needs to be taken care of to help make sure it and our mouth is healthy. When our teeth are broken, not only does it lead to possible infection, jagged edges of our teeth can cut open the inside of our cheeks, which can lead to further discomfort and infection.

Giving the mouth more room: Sometimes, our mouths are too small for our teeth. When this is the case, our dentist may decide to shave the parts between our teeth to allow for more room in our mouths. By creating more room in our mouth, we can more easily clean our mouths and keep them free of bacteria and food particles.

Cosmetic reasons: There are lots of reasons people may want their teeth to be shaved. Sometimes, they wish to have a different looking smile. Other times, they need to have some teeth look different (i.e., a lateral incisor is pulled and a “canine” is moved in its place; the “canine” may need to be shaved to look like a normal lateral incisor). Teeth may also sometimes not look uniform, so having a tooth shaved can help with this issue. No matter the reason, this is a fairly simple way to make small adjustments to your teeth, which can be a big help later on.

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