How to Protect Your Teeth from Fruit

One of the Main Food Groups

A healthy diet consists of eating from what nutritionists call the “food groups,” namely: proteins, grains, vegetables, and fruits. All of these foods are good and necessary for us to live a healthy life, and without even one of these groups, we can end up suffering from a lack of vitamins and minerals that we need for our bodies. Still, even with this fact, some foods can have negative outcomes on our bodies, and so it’s important for us to protect ourselves as much as possible from these adverse effects.

F6ruit is one of the foods we need in our daily lives, but it can end up causing great damage to our teeth. The acids in the fruit we eat are namely what can harm our teeth, especially if we eat a lot of fruit and fruit products, so knowing the steps to take to minimize this damage is incredibly important, as this knowledge is necessary to ensure that our teeth are around for many years to come.

Our teeth and oral health are very important, so it’s not only important we practice the daily oral health steps needed to ensure our teeth are clean and healthy, but to also visit our dentist to ensure that our teeth are well cared for by a professional.

How to Protect Our Teeth from Acidic Fruit

Many of the fruits we eat contain acids that, when left untreated, will cause our teeth to suffer decay and can contribute to cavities and other tooth issues. To help fight these effects, fruit lovers need to ensure that they follow a few simple steps in order to keep their teeth happy:

How to Protect Your Teeth from FruitSwish with water: After eating a piece of fruit, our teeth and mouth will be covered in the acids that the fruit naturally contains. To help ensure that these acids are not slowly damaging our teeth, swish a mouthful or two of water right after you finish eating. This water will help to remove most of these acids, which will make your teeth healthier and experience less loss and damage over time.

Floss: Some fruits, like pineapple, can find their way between our teeth and decide that they don’t want to easily come out. This fruit will begin to affect our teeth by leaking the acids it contains between our teeth, promoting cavity growth. By flossing soon after eating fruit, you can help eliminate this damage by removing the fruit from between your teeth, helping them to be healthy and strong.

Use toothpaste that strengthens enamel: The first thing acids affect on our teeth is our enamel, which is the outer layer of our teeth. We need to ensure that these parts of our teeth are strong and healthy at all times to help fight against decay, so it’s wise to use an enamel strengthening toothpaste to ensure that our teeth can withstand the acids of fruits for years to come.

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The health of our teeth is important, so we need to be sure we see a competent and caring dentist who will help us care for our oral health. At the Del Mar, California dental office of Curtis L. Chan, D.D.S., we can help you protect and care for your teeth while giving you the advice and tips you need to take excellent care of your teeth between your visits here. Call our San Diego, California office today to schedule an appointment (858) 481-9090.

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