What Makes Teeth Sensitive?

How Sensitive Teeth Can be Disruptive in Life

We all enjoy a small treat every now and again. Ice cream, a nice hot coffee, a delicious cupcake; these are all small pleasures many of us like to partake in when we feel we deserve something nice. For many, though, these small pleasures turn into pain and discomfort because their teeth are just too sensitive to handle the foods they are eating.

Sensitive teeth can be affected by many things, though most people say that they are most affected by foods that are too hot, cold, or sugary. When people suffer from sensitive teeth, it can make their lives much more difficult to live, since they will often actively avoid the things that cause their teeth to throb in pain. This can mean skipping out on a treat they used to love, not participating in full at social activities with friends, and can even affect their diets depending on how severe the situation is.

Sensitive teeth for many are very uncomfortable and difficult to deal with, but luckily, this issue can be addressed by you and your dentist so that your teeth can be treated to be less sensitive and give you back your freedom of eating what you like.

What Causes Teeth to be Sensitive?

Sensitive teeth can be caused by a number of things, and by identifying the reason your teeth are sensitive, you can help fix or improve your sensitivity issue. Teeth can become sensitive due to issues like:

What Makes Teeth Sensitive?Weakened enamel: Enamel can become weakened for a number of reasons. Age, eating and drinking acidic foods, brushing your teeth with too hard a toothbrush, or brushing your teeth too hard yourself can rub your enamel away. When your enamel is thinner, it makes your teeth more prone to temperature and sugar, which makes them hurt more than those who have thicker enamel.

Gum recession: When your gums recede, the roots of your teeth begin to show. These roots are not used to being exposed to the various foods and drink we have, so they can become more sensitive than what we are used to. Not only that, but the more exposed your roots are, the closer our foods are the nerve that runs into our teeth, which adds to the sensitivity and can negatively affect tooth health.

Grinding teeth: Although it sounds odd, grinding your teeth can actually cause your teeth to become more sensitive as time goes on. Grinding your teeth can cause a serious of issues for you over time due to its destructive nature, so it’s no wonder that it will also contribute to teeth becoming more sensitive over time.

Talk with your dentist to see what might be causing your sensitive teeth. Depending on what it is, you may be able to get help to alleviate this issue and get back to your normal life.

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