Popular Foods that Stain Your Teeth

How Are Teeth Stained?

Often, it’s nice to treat ourselves to our favorite foods and beverages. Smoothies, wines, pizza, curries, and candies are all things that we can enjoy to have every now and again, or for some people, every week. These treats are beloved for many reasons, though our teeth may not love them as much as we do. For a part of our body, we want to keep healthy and bright, these treats can cause serious issues for our teeth, and often, we don’t think much about it.

Having stained teeth is a common problem everyone faces. Teeth are commonly stained by foods and drinks that discolor our enamel, which makes them look dull instead of nice and white. Stained teeth can be remedied with whitening products or cosmetic appointments with your dentist, but for those of us who want a cheaper option to keep our teeth whiter longer, it’s simply easier to either avoid the foods that can seriously stain our teeth, or at least limit them so that they do not affect us as much. By knowing what foods stain your teeth, you can help your teeth, in the long run, stay brighter longer without the constant cost of whitening solutions.

Popular Foods that Will Stain Your Teeth

While all food has the ability to negatively affect your teeth, some foods can have a quicker effect than others. Some foods that are quite popular that can stain your teeth quickly include:

Popular Foods that Stain Your TeethWine and Coffee: Wine and coffee have always been popular, but with recent studies showing that these drinks can help you live longer, more and more people are seeing the need to drink them. These drinks are beloved for many reasons, but they can be terrible for your teeth. The acidic nature of these drinks and the colors associated with these drinks cause your teeth to look dull, especially if you drink them a lot. If you drink these beverages, be sure to brush your teeth soon after to help diminish these effects.

Berries: As summer advances, so does our want of fresh and delicious fruits. Berries like raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries are all summer favorites, though your teeth may disagree. These berries are delicious, but they stain your teeth quickly and easily, which makes them a nuisance for your white smile. If you consume these berries, be sure to swish your mouth with water immediately afterward and to brush your teeth as soon as you can to help keep your teeth white and happy.

Tomato Sauce: Although we may not think about it, tomato sauce is in a lot of things. Pasta sauce, pizza, soups, and stews are just some of the places this product can be found, and it is unfortunately very staining. Limiting your intake of this food can help keep your teeth white, but also being sure to brush soon after eating foods containing this food can keep your smile white.

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