Why do Teeth Grow in Crooked?

The Obsession with Straight Teeth

The topic of straight teeth has been a focus for people for years now. While we may only know teeth straightening as made popular by Hollywood stars and advanced research showing the benefits of straight teeth, citizens in ancient civilizations thousands of years ago also sought to have straight teeth, which shows just how important our tooth health is. Straight teeth are important for many reasons, including easier cleaning and better overall health, so having straight teeth is not only an aesthetic choice but a health-focused one at that!

It is curious, though, as to why our teeth don’t grow in straight if it’s so important for our health? Our body tries its best to set us up with the healthiest configuration it can, so why do many of us suffer from crooked teeth? This question can range in answers, but usually, it’s due to a few simple culprits, which luckily, are easy to fix. Straight teeth may take time to get, but in the end, it’s worth the pain and trouble to have both a beautiful and healthy smile.

Teeth straightening options are varied in today’s market, so when you decide that you’re ready for straight teeth, call your dentist to see what they can do for you.

Why Teeth Grow Crooked

Crooked teeth can come from a range and variety of issues, though some of the most common reasons are:

Why do Teeth Grow in Crooked?Small Mouth: Often, many people are simply born with small mouths. When our mouths are too small, we can end up with crowded teeth, which will rotate and move so that they can fully grow in. This issue is usually fixed by having some teeth pulled and having the remaining teeth moved into a straight alignment with braces or other dental fixes.

Gum disease: Gum disease will affect your mouth in many negative ways, one of which is that it will affect your tooth growth. Gum disease will cause teeth to fall out, to die slowly, and can cause teeth to move about. To avoid this issue, brush and floss regularly so that your teeth stay in good form and good health.

Early loss of baby teeth: Interestingly, having your baby teeth fall out early can cause crooked teeth. When our baby teeth leave too early, our adult teeth will grow into mouths too small and crowded, which will cause our teeth to twist and move as they grow in.

Luckily, all of these issues can be fixed by a good dentist or orthodontist, so talk with your dentist to see what can be done to make your smile nice and straight.

California Dentist Ready to Assist You

Having crooked teeth is not desirable by many, not only for cosmetic reasons but also for health reasons. Straight teeth allow for better mouth health and better overall health, so when you decide that you want to have straight teeth, it’s important to go to the right people. At the Del Mar, California office of Curtis L. Chan, D.D.S., we can help you get the straight teeth you want and deserve, and we will help you keep your smile healthy and happy for years to come as well. Call our San Diego, California office today to see how we can assist you at (858) 481-9090.

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