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Foods as Bad as Candy for Your Teeth Health

Teeth Health in America

An often unconsidered part of our health revolves around our teeth. Oral health is important to our overall health since poor oral health can cause us to suffer from issues like not receiving enough nutrition, having a buildup of plaque that can affect our circulatory system, and suffering from infections and other dental diseases. In short, the health of your mouth is important and should be taken seriously when considering your overall health.

In America, untreated tooth disease is an issue that affects many today. Roughly 19% of children who are ages 5 – 19 suffer from tooth disease, while adults who are 20 – 44 see roughly 32% suffering from tooth disease as well. These numbers are concerning because untreated health issues surrounding your mouth can turn into costly and lifelong problems, which many today won’t be able to pay for or treat for a variety of reasons. Some simple ways to help you avoid these issues includes brushing and flossing your teeth daily, watching the foods you eat, and if possible, visiting a caring and knowledgeable dentist twice a year who can clean your teeth and help you with your oral care.

Foods That Are Damaging to Teeth

While many people know that sweets in excess are bad for teeth, there are other foods and treats that can actually be worse for your teeth. Some of these foods include:

Ice: Crunching on ice is something that many people enjoying doing, however, the crunch of hard foods like ice can cause tooth damage. Chipped and cracked teeth are painful and can cost a fair amount of money to fix, so it’s important to limit or completely avoid hard foods like ice.

Foods as Bad as Candy for Your Teeth HealthCitrus: Citrus is very acidic and can damage the enamel, or the protective outer layer, of your teeth. Too much citrus, even with daily brushing and flossing, can be damaging to teeth, so be sure to watch how much citrus you ingest.

Starches: While some might find this particular category surprising, starchy foods can actually be worse for your teeth compared to some sweets. This is because starchy foods can sit on and around your teeth longer, which can cause more damage like cavities. When eating starchy foods, plan to brush your teeth soon after to help remove the leftover food from around your teeth.

Alcohol: Alcohol is a dehydrating substance which, if used in excess, can cause your mouth to dry out. Dry mouths lead to tooth decay, so be sure to watch how much alcohol you intake and to drink water every day.

No matter what you eat and drink, make sure you take care of your oral health by watching what you eat and by brushing and flossing your teeth daily. By taking these small steps, you are able to greatly reduce your chances of tooth rot and decay and keep your mouth healthy.

Californian Dentist Here for You

If you are concerned about your overall oral health, feel like your teeth need to be checked for cavities or decay, or simply need a cleaning, visit the dental office of Curtis L. Chan today! Curtis Chan’s office specializes in a variety of dental care procedures ranging from simple teeth cleanings to dental surgery to veneers. His office is equipped with knowledgeable and friendly staff who are ready to help you, so call and make an appointment today at (858) – 481 – 9090.

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The Process of Filling Cavities

What is a Cavity?

We’ve all been chastised by our parents at one point or another about eating so many sweets that we will give ourselves cavities. At a certain point, our parents were right. When we eat too many surgery or starchy foods without brushing or flossing our teeth, it can cause cavities to form in our teeth, which will eventually need to be treated by a dentist.

Cavities are infections in our teeth caused by a combination of carbohydrate-containing foods and bacteria that live in our mouths. When these foods and bacteria build up in our mouth, our teeth will develop holes in their enamel, and when these holes get large and deep enough, they will need to be attended to by a dentist. By ignoring these cavities, we open ourselves to having significant tooth issues at a later time, which can mean more extensive and expensive attention later.

Cavities are, usually, very easy to clean and rectify, which means that if you have a cavity, a simple trip to the dentist is all you should need to fix your tooth. When looking for a dentist who can fix your cavity, be sure to find one who can easily perform your cavity procedure and one that can take care of any concerns you may have about your procedure.

How is a Cavity Filled?

The procedure of filling a cavity is usually very simple and fairly quick, depending on how serious the cavity is. Usually, the steps to getting a cavity filled include:

Receiving a numbing agent: When a cavity is filled, a dentist will usually need to drill into the enamel of the tooth, which means that the nerve in your tooth can be irritated or exposed, which can end up being quite painful. To help with this issue, a dentist will either numb the area that will be worked on or will give you a gas that will help you not feel pain while they work.

Cleaning out the cavity: Your dentist, after you are numbed or have the anesthesia gas working, will then clean out the cavity using a variety of tools, including a drill and a pick. This process is usually quick, with most people saying that the worst part is hearing the drill.

Filling the cavity: Cavities that have been cleaned are then filled. Cavities can be filled with a variety of things, with most dentists now straying from silver fillings in favor of other materials. Your dentist will then polish and file the filling so that it feels natural and does not affect your bite.

A filling can take up to an hour to complete, depending on if your dentist wants to get X-rays or depending on how extensive the cavity is. As always, talk to your dentist if you have questions about your procedure so that you can go in feeling confident about your procedure.

Your Local Del Mar Dentist

The Process of Filling CavitiesWhen you need a cleaning, a whitening, or a filling performed, make sure you have a dentist who will give you the proper care and time you need. At the dental offices of Curtis L. Chan, DDS, you can feel confident that you will have a dentist who will know and care about you and will help you with all of your oral health needs. Call us to make a dental appointment at our office today at (858) – 481 – 9090.

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What are Dental Implants?

Who Needs Tooth Implants?

Our teeth serve many purposes in our lives, and they’re a part of our bodies we have to take care of so that they stay as healthy as they can for the rest of our lives. While many people think that taking care of our teeth just means brushing and flossing them, there is more that we can do to ensure that our teeth stay healthy for the long term. Avoiding hard foods, protecting them when participating in contact sports, and being careful of home treatments we do are all extra ways we can keep our teeth healthy for the duration of our lives. Unfortunately, though, not everyone is able to take care of all of their teeth during their lifetime.

What are Dental Implants?Anyone can end up needing a tooth implant. Having teeth fall out due to an accident, poor dental health, or simply due to age is something that can happen to anyone, so of course, anyone can end up needing an implant. Tooth implants in Del Mar are procedures that can be performed to help replace teeth that have fallen out or been knocked out so that the person missing the tooth can live a normal and full life. These procedures are a great choice for those who do not want a dental bridge or dentures, so if you are missing teeth and want to explore dental implants for yourself, be sure to talk to a knowledgeable and friendly dentist who can give you the information you need.

What Are Tooth Implants?

Tooth implants are exactly what they claim to be: implants placed by your dentist to replace missing teeth. These implants have a variety of options when it comes to their placement and materials, so you can talk about your options with your dentist, though most dentist will be able to make the right call for you and your tooth health since they know your typical dental habits. These implants can dramatically change the way a person lives their life, so many people decide to get these implants to improve their day to day dealings and make life better overall.

There are two types of implants that are typically performed: endosteal and subperiosteal implants. Endosteal implants are where the implant is put directly into the jawbone, anchoring the implant so that it is steady. A subperiosteal implant is where the implant is placed below the gumline and fitted onto the jaw. After the implants for both of these methods have healed, an artificial tooth is fitted to your implant, giving you a tooth that looks real and allows you to function as if you had never lost the tooth to begin with. These procedures, while time-consuming, offer a variety of benefits that many people wish to have, so they are quite popular for those seeking a long-term solution for their missing tooth problems.

A Dentist Who Can Help Your Smile

Tooth implants can drastically change the way you live your life. With these implants, you are able to live a more full and uninhibited life, which can make you happier. At the dental office of Curtis L. Chan, DDS, we can provide this service to you easily and safely, giving you the smile you want and need. We are able to help answer any questions you have and schedule your appointment any time, so call us today at (858) – 481 – 9090.

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The Process of a Dental Exam

What is a Dental Exam?

The most common reason for the general public to see a dentist is to have a dental exam and cleaning performed. These tasks should be done at least once a year, but they are more effective if they are performed twice a year. Although everyone should see a dentist for a cleaning and exam, many people avoid the dentist due to the fears they have over what will happen in their exam and the possible pain that could come from the exam and cleaning.

When you have fears about what might happen in your exam, talk with your dentist ahead of time to make sure that they are aware of your hesitations so that they can help make your exam and cleaning worry-free, and be sure you have a dentist who is interested in making your experience a positive and happy one to help ensure you will continue to have your oral health needs reviewed and taken care of.

What Happens During a Dental Exam?

The process of a dental exam is usually quick and easy. Dental exams typical follow this schedule:

The Process of a Dental ExamReview History: Your dentist will want to review your dental history so that they can check on any previous issues you’ve had to make sure they are healed or not worsening. They may ask you some questions about your teeth or gums or past work you’ve had done during this portion of the exam.

Take X-rays: X-rays of our teeth are important to have. They allow your dentist to look at your teeth and notice any issues your teeth may be having that aren’t obvious from a simple cursory examination. These X-rays can show your dentist issues such as cavities that can be filled before they turn into big and expensive issues.

Examine and Clean: The dentist will use a variety of dental tools to explore, examine, and clean your mouth while you are at your appointment. These tools allow the dentist to check for tooth decay, receding gums, cavities, and larger issues such as oral cancer. Your dentist will also clean your teeth so that they are free of plaque and tartar, which will make them healthy and well.

Set Appointment for Next Visit: At the end of your visit, you will schedule your next appointment for your next cleaning and examination. This appointment is usually six months away or so, so unless you have other needs that the dentist needs to address, you will come back for your next appointment then.

A California Dentist Here for You

Dental exams and cleanings are truly an important part of your oral health. When you have these procedures done, you are able to care for your teeth and gums fully, making sure you have a healthy mouth for as long as you live. At the dental offices of Curtis L. Chan, D.D.S., we are ready to give you the dental exam and cleaning you need. We also know how to help alleviate any fears you may have about your upcoming exam and are happy to answer any questions you have to help you understand this process better.

We want you to feel right at home in our office when we’re working with you, so we will help you in any way that we can to give you the best experience you can have. Call us today at (858) – 481 – 9090 to set up your dental exam today.




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